Trailers From the Darkside: ‘A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio’ Preview

Trailers From the Darkside: ‘A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio’ Preview

Anthology horror movies continue to gain popularity, and horror hounds can expect more of them as we approach our favorite time of year, Halloween. Horror movies of this variety are often hit or miss, though the upcoming A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio collection looks promising.

A Night of Horror is brought to us by Uncork’d Entertainment, a company whose name is synonymous with indie horror films. This anthology is compiled by directors and brothers Luciano Onetti (Deep Sleep, Abrakadabra) and Nicolas Onetti (Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales, What the Waters Left Behind).

Of the myriad of cast members involved in A Night of Horror, included are Clara Kovacic (The Shadow Side), Marem Hassler (Edge of Isolation, Beacon Hill TV series) and Kevin Dee (The Disappearance of Willie Bingham short, Underbelly TV series).

A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio is a collection of previously released horror shorts that have been woven together by a new story featuring a DJ.

Plot: Rod, a radio DJ, hosts a popular horror-themed show packed with tales of terror for eager listeners. When he receives alarming calls from a horrified child, things start to feel off. What ensues is a roller-coaster ride of horror stories.  

For a preview of the terror and the creepy-as-hell imagery that awaits, check out the trailer for A Night of Horror.

A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio debuts On Demand and DVD on September 1, 2020, which is perfect timing to add to your horror movies collection just in time for the Halloween season.

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